Thinking of Joining a Coon Hunter’s Club? Here are 5 Reasons You Should

There are many benefits of joining a coon hunter’s club, especially if coon hunting is a sport that you are trying to break in to. Aside from being a super helpful bunch, some of the best friendships I have are with fellow coon hunters. There’s nothing like having a buddy who enjoys the same hobby as you.

Benefits of Joining a Coon Hunter’s Club

If you are hesitant about whether or not you should join the club, here are five reasons you should:

  1. Receive expert tips
  2. Shooting Range (My club has this but not all do. You need to check on this.)
  3. A place to hunt (Once again check on this, not all clubs have hunting grounds)
  4. Competition hunts, a chance to win money
  5. Occasional dinners and monthly meetings

Some of the benefits outweigh others, but this all depends on personal preference. For me, being able to have a place to hunt and a shooting range I can go to whenever I want is a major plus. I get all of this for a membership fee of $25 a year. So, for me this is insane value!

How to Join a Coon Hunter’s Club

If you are interested in joining a coon hunters club, contact the person in charge of the club. We have compiled a list of all of the coon hunters clubs.

We have an annual membership dinner where any one wanting to join is welcome to come. If someone has missed the dinner they just contact one of our board members and pay the annual fee. Our annual fee is only $25. I think that $25 to join a coon hunters club is money well invested!