The Best States for Coon Hunting

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All coon hunting enthusiasts understand that the location of the hunt means everything. The location determines the number of coons available, the terrain of the area, and its accessibility. Lets take a look at some of the very best states for coon hunting!

(Southern) Michigan

Michigan is highly populated with raccons. The clear woods in Southern Michigan also makes for a smooth hunt. The only negative aspect to hunting in Michigan is the cold, snowy winters. If you want to skip the cold forgo hunting in the Winter and give it a try in the warmer seasons.


This location is a must try if you are serious about coon hunting.Tennessee provides a great terrain for a hunt. The area has both hills and flat ground. The beautiful scenery is a majoy plus when hunting. For the best experience, try coon hunting from early September to the end of February every year.

The size of the coons is also a plus as coons range from 12 to 18 pounds.

(Northern) Indiana

Northern Indiana is another great location for coon hunting. The climatic conditions of the area make it favorable for coons to breed. Moreover, the authorities in this state have on several locations placed coon hunting restrictions. These two factors ensure that the coon population is always high.

Hunting here is perfect and. the coon sizes are also great. Despite some small coons at times, coon sizes usually range from 15 to 18 pounds. The clear woods should make it easy for you to navigate.


Born and raised in Ohio, I can vouch that this a great state to hunt in. There are many areas to explore and coon hunting is very popular in Ohio. You can always find a couple of buddies to keep you company on a hunt.

Weather varys greatly in Ohio. When April comes to an end the temperature is usally warm enough to consistently hunt. Coons are bountiful and there are many coon hunters clubs and competitions to join in on.

The states I have mentioned above should give you a great hunting experience. As always, make sure you have the right equipment and the perfect coonhound buddy. Some states I have mentioned are seasonal and you may need to get a hunting permit, so do your homework before heading out.

Happy Hunting!